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Profile of Dr. Kinuthia Njoroge, Phd

Dr. Kinuthia is a Social Science graduate,  Phd Oral  Literature,  Philosophy and Culture who has lived in America for 15 years.

Dr. Kinuthia came back to Kenya in 1971 and began work with the now defunct East African Airways as Assistant International Relations Manager. When the East African Community was dissolved, Dr. Kinuthia joined the University of Nairobi as a lecturer of oral literature an d culture where  he worked for 30 years, retiring in 2004.

While at the University of Nairobi, Dr. Kinuthia came up with the idea of a cultural centre. He pitched the idea to the then president of the Republic of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta who presented him with Kshs 2 million.  It was then that Rioki Cultural Centre at Karia Village, Githunguri, Kiambu county was born. At the time, he had the Rioki Cultural Centre foster program that catered for 2,000 children who were given USD 20 a month each to support themselves with school fees.

One of the aims of Rioki Cultural Centre was to inculcate morals and values to students and local people so they can be better citizens of Kenya. The community center now supports 97 AIDS orphans who live with their grand parents. We provide the children with food, clothing and shelter.  W e also support them with school uniform and shoes as part of Rioki Cultural Centre Trust through donations and grants that we receive from the benevolent local and international visitors.

The people of Kiambu have persuaded me to contest the Senate seat for the county of Kiambu. I wish to appeal to well wishers to donate to Dr. Kinuthia for the foster parent program and upkeep of the AIDS orphans.

Thank you and warmest regards,

Dr. Kinuthia Njoroge
Cell:  +254 722 944 441 / 738 422 670
P.O. Box 42458 Nairobi 00100, Kenya