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Riuki,or hearth or simply the centre of a Gikuyu homestead, and nucleus of the family, is an apt name for the enterprise. It portrays Agikuyu rural life and culture both in outlook and activities.


Dr. Kinuthia Njoroge's Profile

Dr. Kinuthia is a Social Science graduate,  Phd Oral  Literature,  Philosophy and Culture who has lived in America for 15 years. He came back to Kenya in 1971 and began work with the now defunct East African Airways as Assistant International Relations Manager. When the East African Community was dissolved, Dr. Kinuthia joined the University of Nairobi as a lecturer of oral literature and culture where  he worked...


programmes at riuki cultural centre

We have programmes for both adults and for schools and institutions.

Progammes are designed to be both flexible and entertaining while at the same time serving their intended purpose of educating visitors on the intricacies of Gikuyu culture.

Ewauso Oonidongi Cultural Centre
getting to riuki cultural centre
Via Kiambu,Central Province District Headquarter past Ndumberi, Tinganga and Ikinu Villages to Karia Village through lush green agricultural Gikuyu country untill you reach Riuki Cultural Centre.